Projects (for Management of Learning)

At Learning Synergy we know that you need a consultant who is a trainer and an expert, who understands people and technology, someone who can motivate teams to learn and grow, and they can relate to and respect. We did that:

Established corporate training for a Canadian university in Dubai between 2011 and 2013. It included selection of subject matter experts, recruitment of participants from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Nigeria and many more, as well as preparation, delivery, administration and reporting of training programs in project management, events management, financial analysis, legal English, teaching effectiveness, knowledge management and customer service.

Completed a $ 1 Million Dollars project to establish College of Continuing Education and Executive Training Center in Kazakhsan, in collaboration with American Management Association (AMA), Korea University School of Business and Darden School of Business. Short and long term intensive corporate training programs were developed in areas such as leadership and human resource management, strategic marketing, investment & banking.

As administration of training activities in the several Balkan countries between 1995 and 2000. It included selection, recruitment and development of training teams in Romania, definition of job description and performance standards, preparation, delivery, administration and reporting of training programs for sales teams in Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, use of the computer and the Internet for providing training content, or seminar information, invitations, reports and analysis.

Project management for a marketer of consumer goods, to implement simple steps to set-up infrastructure to collect, structure, analyze and disseminate customer knowledge for business decision-making process. It included setting-up and use of market reports and analysis, and regular flow of information to the field force and management using the company intranet.

As Project Managers for L&M AMERICAN CINEMA FESTIVAL (1995), MARLBORO MUSIC TOUR (1994 & 1995) on Black Sea coast summer resorts, or for the first sales information system and the nationwide retail census for Philip Morris.