Management of Learning

At Learning Synergy, we know how to assess educational opportunities, how to plan for governance and management, and how to execute specific activities for your learning programs. With a team of academic experts with extensive experience and expertise in higher education, corporate training, and in management and accreditation issues, and with a network of academic professionals across the globe, we offer extensive support in building world class education and international accreditation standards. We also know how to choose and prepare the best trainers for your teams, whether at home, or overseas. We have learned what works for educational activities at corporate level, in universities, in classroom, on the job, and using the computer and the Internet. That’s because we have rolled up our sleeves, gotten our hands dirty by doing the job, and worked with our clients and their faculty and trainers in the clasroom and marketplace - where their people, students and customers are!

Here’s how we can bring synergy for your educational projects and for your virtual or mobile team of trainers working in international markets:

Plan, implement and manage learning. That is, research and identify learning needs, develop and implement training plans, including funding and budgets, monitor and keep track of your programs delivered and attendance, ensure communication with participants and training materials are in place for seminar delivery, and use the Internet to deliver related content, provide feedback and reports to relevant parties.

Select, recruit and coach. We can bring in people with the best potential to become facilitators, train them in classroom and on the job, and suggest tools to manage their performances, including job descriptions, performance standards, and individual objectives.

Internationalization and partnerships worldwide. We research and identify market needs and educational opportunities, develop and implement academic programs, training plans, accreditation standards, suggest funding proposals and prepare feasibility and environmental studies for a new institutions, forge strategic partnership with management consultants, establish milestones, co-ordinate tasks and individual contributions, ensure communication and regular contacts with all stakeholders, and most of all, deliver as outlined in the action plans and as agreed with all parties.

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